Among Ideology’s portfolio of properties, the 1154 North Dearborn property is an architectural gem. Located in Chicago’s idyllic Gold Coast neighborhood, the former homes beckoned us to embark on renovations to reveal ornate details in a cozy and comforting environment. From its bones, it exuded the Italian spirit and begged us to welcome diners into the home to dine once again. Immediately, we knew this was to be La Storia Ristorante, our celebration of the Italian tradition served on the table and in the glass.

It is well known that Italians are deeply versed in the gioie della tavola, “the joys of the table.” The first thing people consider when they think of Italy is the warmth and magic created around the table, the place where life’s greatest experiences unfold, and lifelong relationships and memories are created and celebrated.

At La Storia, we welcome you into our home and invite you join us on a culinary journey as we use the dining table as our canvas while observing the fundamentals of Italian Cuisine – eat locally and eat seasonally. Allow us to revel in the art of cooking while you relish in the art of eating as we embrace the spirit of Italy by using the best local ingredients simply, seasonably, and sincerely