Our Story

Located in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, La Storia rests in a former home that beckoned us to reveal ornate details in a cozy and comforting environment. Within its bones, it exuded the Italian spirit and begged us to welcome diners into the home to dine once again. Immediately, we knew this was to be La Storia, our celebration of the Italian tradition served on the table and in the glass.

Just as history changes and evolves, so do we. At La Storia, meaning the history, the stories of the past, we are grateful to have served our guests true Italian cuisine for 2 years, but today, we are excited to introduce new flavors inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean.

We remain deeply versed in the gioie della tavola, “the joys of the table,” the place where life’s greatest experiences unfold, and lifelong relationships and memories are created and celebrated.
At La Storia, we welcome you into our home to join us on a culinary journey as we use the dining table as our canvas. We embrace the spirit of the Mediterranean & Italy by using the best local ingredients simply, seasonably and sincerely through all food and beverage we serve.


Our Chef de Cuisine

Born and raised in Sardinia, the large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, Chef Daniele Sotgiu started working in restaurants at 15 years old. He began his career at the 5-star Starwood Marriott hotel followed by three years at Porto Cervo, an Italian seaside resort in northern Sardinia; both restaurants are known for their outstanding, authentic Italian international cuisine. Before leaving the country, Sotgiu worked under Chef Luigi Pomata, the Owner and Executive Chef of Pomata.

Soguitu then traveled through different kitchens in Europe, starting in England then to Milan, where he worked for a year and received his first Michelin star at S’Apposentu under Owner and Executive Chef Roberto Petza.. The young chef’s next move to Madrid, Spain, where he spent three years where he focused on learning how to fuse together Italian and Spanish cuisines. Before leaving for the United States, he was back in Sardinia working with another Michelin star chef. Once Sotgiu moved to the United States, he became a sous chef at Volare Ristorante Italiano, the family-owned establishment in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood and was able to hone in on his culinary techniques and Italian influenced cuisines.

Now, as the current Chef de Cuisine of La Storia, Sotgiu is excited to bring his Sardinian influenced fare to the menu, while still staying true to the Italian cuisines that have made La Storia the elevated and multiregional Italian kitchen, a staple in Chicago.